WATER – are your animals getting enough?

According to Truro Weather Map we have no rain of any discernable amounts since the 18th of June, in Penzance we 1.8mm on Saturday Night (30th of June/1st of July).

However on these very hot days it is important that cattle have access to water, unfortunately a cow is herding animal and will choose to drink when others do. Please make sure cows have access to sufficient water a dairy cow under normal heat periods will consume 60-80 litres per day (13- 17 gallons) in this very hot weather it can increase by 25%. If necessary add an extra water trough or top up with a bowser.

If you have pigs outside make sure they have access to a WALLOW, a shallow mud bath regularly filled with water as the mud acts as a sun screen as pigs can get sun burnt.