Prince’s Countryside Fund Resilience Programme – Update

Due to recent restrictions, it has been decided to postpone the remainder of the 4th Group Resilience Programme sessions until later in the year.  We will advise participants when we have new dates. We are, however, continuing to recruit for the 5th round of the Resilience programme to be run at the Royal Cornwall Showground.

The programme is open to farmers from one man units to businesses where there are 3-4 people working on farms. It is not open to hobby farms or large agri businesses.

The programme is free to all who attend and will consist of 6 workshops and one summer farm visit.

Workshop 1 Benchmarking with Andersons Consulting. All participating farms will receive a visit from an IAgSa farm secretary to collect data for the first workshop. All data collected is confidential and processed by Andersons Consultancy and passed back to the farmer on the day of the workshop where the farmer will be compared with others in the room but identified only by a letter. The process has worked well in maintaining confidentiality.

Workshop 2 Better Cost Control with Kite Consultancy

Workshop 3 Understanding accounts and finances with Promar Consultancy

Workshop 4 Understanding the Environment new ELMs with Oakbank Consultancy

Workshop 5 Planning for the future and succession with Saviour Associates

Workshop 6 Business planning for Change with Savills Consultancy

Workshop 7  Farm Visit or Walk


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Contact Edward 07775667825 or email