Black Lamb

Lambing and Covid

Following an enquiry from a farmer I was given the following advice from my colleague Katherine Williams from Exmoor Hill Farm Network:
  • All new temporary lambing staff are required to isolate or be tested before they start;
  • Can separate accommodation be provided by a caravan, empty holiday accommodation (your own or elsewhere)?
  • Where meals are provided can a separate part of the house be used or a shed be spruced up?
  • Work a shift rota so that home bubble workers do days and the temporary staff work nights – contact between the two groups is minimal;
  • Hire a toilet for temporary staff so that they don’t share the family one;
  • Where working together is unavoidable – use masks and hand sanitiser;
  • Vehicles:  separate or avoid if possible otherwise it’s liberal use of hand sanitiser on steering wheel and gear sticks. Avoid travelling with non-family members in the same vehicle.
All of the above is particularly important if you are shielding elderly or at risk members of the family.
If anybody else has any other ideas please let me know and I will add them on to this post.