FarmFit: a wellbeing project for farmers and their families

FarmFit is an innovative well-being initiative tailored specifically for farmers and their families in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Spearheaded by Land to Sea CBT in collaboration with Fairwinds Cornwall, this project secured funding through the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Suicide Innovation Fund, making it one of the 12 successful endeavors aimed at providing crucial support to the farming community.

At the core of FarmFit is a mission to engage directly with the agricultural community, working hand-in-hand with partner agencies to deliver practical wellbeing support. Led by an experienced mental health practitioner and CBT therapist with two decades of expertise in NHS mental health services, FarmFit adopts a constructive and pragmatic approach.

The initiative empowers farmers to identify, manage, and build resilience against stressors in a manner that resonates with their individual needs. FarmFit offers timely access to wellbeing assessments and psychological therapy when required, ensuring the right level of intervention is provided.

Understanding the demanding nature of farm life, FarmFit accommodates the unique schedules of farmers by offering several ways to access the service, including phone, online, and “walk and talk” sessions. The latter involves outreach visits to farms, allowing for a more personalized and convenient approach to support.

If further specialized assistance is needed, FarmFit ensures that farmers and their families are seamlessly connected to appropriate resources, providing guidance and referrals for additional support services

For further information visit the Farm Fit website at The FarmFit Programme