West Cornwall Farm Worker looking for work

I have recently completed my level 2 in agriculture and farm mechanisation which entailed fixing tractors and different types of farm machinery.

I was working for SEF driving tractors on the road with and without trailer, I have driven mainly John Deere’s, New Holland, Claas and Massey Ferguson  Tractors .  I have used a 5 furrow reversible plough and front end loader work

I have also worked with  livestock including some milking in a custom build milking parlour and  seen but not used a robotic  milking machine at Acland plant hire farm, I’m not too keen on injections but I have tried it but pretty confident with everything else.

I am willing to give anything a go

My email is michaelhammond18888@gmail.com

Mobile 07889341257

Devon and Cornwall Police Rural Newsletter

Please see document below from the Devon and Cornwall Police Rural Affairs Team which contains all the names and contact details of the team should you need to speak to them.


rural newsletter september 2020

Prince’s Countryside Fund Resilience Programme – Update

Due to recent restrictions, it has been decided to postpone the remainder of the 4th Group Resilience Programme sessions until later in the year.  We will advise participants when we have new dates. We are, however, continuing to recruit for the 5th round of the Resilience programme to be run at the Royal Cornwall Showground.

The programme is open to farmers from one man units to businesses where there are 3-4 people working on farms. It is not open to hobby farms or large agri businesses.

The programme is free to all who attend and will consist of 6 workshops and one summer farm visit.

Workshop 1 Benchmarking with Andersons Consulting. All participating farms will receive a visit from an IAgSa farm secretary to collect data for the first workshop. All data collected is confidential and processed by Andersons Consultancy and passed back to the farmer on the day of the workshop where the farmer will be compared with others in the room but identified only by a letter. The process has worked well in maintaining confidentiality.

Workshop 2 Better Cost Control with Kite Consultancy

Workshop 3 Understanding accounts and finances with Promar Consultancy

Workshop 4 Understanding the Environment new ELMs with Oakbank Consultancy

Workshop 5 Planning for the future and succession with Saviour Associates

Workshop 6 Business planning for Change with Savills Consultancy

Workshop 7  Farm Visit or Walk


For further information follow link below


If you are interested

Contact Edward 07775667825 or email edward@farmcornwall.co.uk

cow over hedge

Vulnerable customers Basic Payment and Countryside Stewardship Schemes 2020

Vulnerable people 

If you are or know of farmers who are struggling applying for BPS or doing CS revenue claims online or by paper applications, due to ill health, self isolation, sheilding or Covid -19. Then please contact Farm Cornwall directly and we can contact RPA directly on your’s or their behalf.

Furlough Scheme

If you are an employer please use the link to reclaim monies paid to workers under the furlough scheme. Effectively you will use the PAYE  portal to reverse the payment from HMRC to back to you. It will include all pension contributions and NI payments at a rate of 80% up to a maximum of £2000 per month


Coronavirus News

Self Employed have now been given some help, although it does sound as though payments will not come through until June.

You need to have traded for at least 3 years, however if have not traded for that long still contact HMRC as they need to be aware of people who drop through the net and may be able to help. This also applies to self employed who have not made a profit in those three years. It also doesn’t apply if you have made profits in excess of £50,000.

I know all farmers are self employed and so far farmers seem to be not directly affected, however I know many of you have other work as plumbers and drivers and coronavirus is affecting your ability to trade.


Other points of contact are


Look after yourselves and stay safe, if need assistance please give me ring 07775667825