Vulnerable customers Basic Payment and Countryside Stewardship Schemes 2020

Vulnerable people 

If you are or know of farmers who are struggling applying for BPS or doing CS revenue claims online or by paper applications, due to ill health, self isolation, sheilding or Covid -19. Then please contact Farm Cornwall directly and we can contact RPA directly on your’s or their behalf.

Furlough Scheme

If you are an employer please use the link to reclaim monies paid to workers under the furlough scheme. Effectively you will use the PAYE  portal to reverse the payment from HMRC to back to you. It will include all pension contributions and NI payments at a rate of 80% up to a maximum of £2000 per month

Coronavirus News

Self Employed have now been given some help, although it does sound as though payments will not come through until June.

You need to have traded for at least 3 years, however if have not traded for that long still contact HMRC as they need to be aware of people who drop through the net and may be able to help. This also applies to self employed who have not made a profit in those three years. It also doesn’t apply if you have made profits in excess of £50,000.

I know all farmers are self employed and so far farmers seem to be not directly affected, however I know many of you have other work as plumbers and drivers and coronavirus is affecting your ability to trade.

Other points of contact are

Look after yourselves and stay safe, if need assistance please give me ring 07775667825

Coronavirus News

Prince’s Countryside Fund Resilience Programme 2019 for Cornwall based at Wadebridge

Prince’s Countryside Fund RESILIENCE Programme for Cornwall. We are looking to recruit farmers to a FREE programme of 7 workshops delivered by Nationally based consultancy. This is the third year running the programme has run in Cornwall, Launceston 2016/17, Penzance 2017/18. St Austell 2018/19.

The first 5 workshops will run from one per month from November to March ( dates to be confirmed) and be based in the Wadebridge Area . Farmers will be typical family farms, dairy, beef, sheep, mixed, arable, vegetables. Not small holders  or large agri-businesses. We would encourage the whole family to attend.


Workshop 1 – November 2019- Bench marking with Andersons Consultancy

Workshop 2 – December 2019- Cost Control with Kite Consultancy

Workshop 3 – January 2020 – Understanding Accounts with Promar Consultancy

Workshop 4 February 2020- Managing business Change with Savills

Workshop 5 March 2020 – Succession Workshop  with Saviour Associates

Workshop 6 Autumn 2020 – Managing the Environment TBC

Workshop 7 Autumn 2020 – Farmer Choice –


For further information follow link below

If your are interested

Contact Edward 07775667825 or email

Straw Prices


Straw Prices

Have now eased and as of September I hear prices of £95-110 delivered.

We have also been informed that quantities baled “up country” are larger than in previous on the back of a predicted straw price hike and a good summer in which to bale straw, I suspect.

WATER – are your animals getting enough?

According to Truro Weather Map we have no rain of any discernable amounts since the 18th of June, in Penzance we 1.8mm on Saturday Night (30th of June/1st of July).

However on these very hot days it is important that cattle have access to water, unfortunately a cow is herding animal and will choose to drink when others do. Please make sure cows have access to sufficient water a dairy cow under normal heat periods will consume 60-80 litres per day (13- 17 gallons) in this very hot weather it can increase by 25%. If necessary add an extra water trough or top up with a bowser.

If you have pigs outside make sure they have access to a WALLOW, a shallow mud bath regularly filled with water as the mud acts as a sun screen as pigs can get sun burnt.