Milk price is continuing to be the biggest issue, with banks extending credit in most cases to those farmers, who have requested it.

My advice to farmers is to keep an eye on costs, even thought the milk cheque is small, always try and pay as many people as you can, however small the sum. Concentrate where you can on reducing farm debt, I have recently looked at a couple of small farms wishing to go back into dairying and it is quite noticeable, that without debt they can cope with the milk price where it is.

I am of the opinion that these protests whilst not lifting the milk price are raising an awareness that the door which has been ajar for some time in terms raising accepting a price, is begining to close as farmers realise they can take no more.

I listened the other day to a local farmer heavily involved in the milk price negotiations saying the protests had certainly worked in stopping the milk price fall even further

It hasn’t been the best summer and already stocks of winter fodder are being eaten into, take account of how much you have, get it analysed. If you can keep cows out by day as long as you can. However I know there are stocks on other farms who are looking to sell


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