Success with suckler beef revolves around keeping it simple and keeping it tight. A tight calving pattern will lead to a close easily managed bunch of calves which will finish as stores or fat as one group. Those cows whom may not hold to service first, or second or third time within the bulling period could well be those cows who last year only just got in calf at third cycle. Is there a reason they are not holding to service?  A spread of calving also leads to a lack of interest  as the  season progresses particularly in  the spring the need to do  other jobs becomes more dominant in your mind and as calving is going fairly slowly encourages you to do something else, so when you return to the calving field, there’s a dead calf. The question then arises do you suckle a new calf  potentially risking rejection, new diseases from a bought in calf or sell the cow or keep her empty for next  year. She’s an expensive cow to keep with no return!



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