Flooding – “up Country”in Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire

We have all seen the pictures of flooded fields and houses on the news and it is difficult to understand how devastating it can be. I lived up North for 20 years and saw at least 4 times how devastating it can be , 3 times on the River Wear in County Durham, of our 350 acres  each time 140 acres was under water some of it 8 feet deep. Once in Cumbria farming next to the River Eden just outside Carlisle where the water came over the top of hedgerows.

If you feel you need to do something to help here are some contacts   you can text 700070 FORAG01 then the amount in £  e.g. FORAG01£5             or as above   700070  CCFO11£5

I understand help can be money to the various donations page see above or fodder (see forage aid for what’s needed), transport or just volunteers



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